The Global Marshall Plan at School

Peace – Justice – Sustainability

The article by Hagen's local newspaper WK on November, 26, 2003 shows how far the ideas of the “Global Marshall Plan” have been pushed to the forefront. Not only are adults occupying themselves with the problems in the world, but also youths and students. They are discussing the following topics: Peace, Justice and Sustainability . These three topics get already treated by the “Global Marshall Plan”, that many students had a closer look at.

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The following scheme of a “future cake” shows the capable future prospects of relations:Philosophy of life, world ethos, world policy and global economy, which follow the ideas of “keeping the basis of living”, “global justice” and “peace”, to satisfy the basic needs of all human beings in the world.

Kofi Annan stands up for planetary consciousness: :
New Year's Message 2004
Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker stands up for the World Domestic Policy
Hans Küng stands up for the World Ethos (Homepage from "Stiftung Weltethos")
(reference for the images: Homepage des Club of Budapest)

Future Cake for a sustainable, just and peaceful world

Basic-Paper by the Global Marshall Plan / Planetary Contract Initiative

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Within the framework of the physics subject in 12 th grade and the philosophy lessons in 13 th grade guided by Klaudius Gansczyk at Hagen's Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium, the discussion about the “Global Marshall Plan” began. It was very important that the GMP wasn't only treated as a normal lesson's subject, but that the students took an interest in their own future. The exercise was to create a platform which would give the possibility of open discussion. We're currently establishing the building blocks which will accompany our lives for many years and it is important that we have a consistent concern about our own future. We want to make clear to young people that they have more power than they might believe. The open talks among each other and the ongoing discussion about the topic just broadens the main train of thought about the “Global Marshall Plan”. If this idea exists in our minds, we will have a better chance of thinking about its expansion.

That is why we would like to invite you to discuss our own future!




Satisfaction of the needs of all human beings around the world (by Johan Galtung)


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